SGM- A One Stop Assessment Solution Provider for Corporate Organizations !

Our Solutions and processes are completely customizable to enable Corporate organizations maximise business value and are ideal for :

  1. Organizations who are looking at providing Certification Tests for candidates who have registered for their Certifying programs
  2. Organizations interested in conducting Recruitment Tests for Candidate selection both at the fresher and lateral levels Walk ins, Scheduled drives , Campus Hiring
  3. Organizations who need to assess their employees to gauge their understanding on internal learning programs
  4. Organizations who conduct Employee Assessments as part of their Appraisal process

Our range of services includes

  1. Test Content – We have a large Question Bank (Aptitude based, Engineering, IT , Marketing, Finance etc ) which is replenished regularly . We work with a large number of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) empanelled with us .
  2. Our Tests are reviewed for Reliability and Validity
  3. Sample Test Ids can be sent across for you to get an understanding of our Tests and Test User interface
  4. We align our Tests with the Client's specifications
  5. Candidate Registration portal
  6. As we use Cloud hosting facilities we are able to scale up and handle large volume traffic in a smooth and efficient manner.
  7. Our Software expertise enables to customize any requirement quickly and smoothly

Candidate Helpdesk support

We have a separate dedicated and trained team to handle Telephonic/ Email/ SMS/Webchat support.

Test Venues

Your tests can be carried out 150 Test centers across India or we can also provide you 3rd party centers that we have tied up with, depending on your candidate size requirement.

Test Delivery

We deliver and conduct tests both in the Computer based or Paper based mode.

  1. Computer based Tests – can be delivered using the Internet or the LAN (Local Area Network) system
  2. Paper based Tests – can be delivered using OMR sheets which are evaluated using an OMR scanner or the Stencil method

Test Engine

Our Test engine is geared to handle huge load capacity with in-built redundancies, supports multi- lingual requirement and different question types.

Invigilation Services

Our Invigilators undergo a rigorous Classroom and on-the-job training process. Their experience and training ensures they bring about efficiencies to the Test administration process.

Candidate Verification

Our Test day candidate verification services include Photo ID checks, Photo Capture and Fingerprint scanning to prevent candidate impersonation.

Reports & Analytics

We can align the Reports and Analytics to client requirements and specifications.

Results Processing

Results processing for Computer based tests is immediate. For paper based Tests -we process the Answer Sheets using either the OMR based mode or the Stencil based mode.

Test Score card

For clients whose requirement includes a Candidate test Score card post the test – the Score printout can be customized to include the client's details and handed over to the candidate immediately post the test.