Computer Based Testing

This user-friendly tool makes it really easy for you to create and conduct Exams.

Create and Configure your Exams.

  1. Create Exam Categories.
  2. Configure exams as per your requirements like Exam Date, Time, Duration, Passing Score, etc.
  3. Create new questions or use questions from Question Banks as per your requirement.
  4. Create objective and subjective tests with various question formats like multiple choice multiple select, True/False, Essay type descriptive questions.

Register & Manage Examinees

  1. Register examinees manually or use the Upload Examinee tool to upload examinee details from your computer.
  2. The Exam Link, Log In credentials, and other details like Exam Date, Time, etc. will be communicated to all the registered examinees via email.

Conduct Exams Online

  1. The registered examinees will log on to the ExamOnline website and take the exam on stipulated Date and Time.

Results and Analysis

  1. Publish results immediately after the exams or on a stipulated date.
  2. Communicate results to the examinee through automated emails.
  3. In case of Subjective tests, examiners can examine and evaluate the tests, add feedback, publish results online as well as via emails.
  4. You can analyze the tests, questions and learner performances with the help of various reports.