SGM is a leading skill assessment solutions provider. By facilitating knowledge enrichment and skills enhancement, we assist Academic Institutes, Corporate and Governments in creating an environment that fosters a community of continuous learning and improvement.

SGM having 5 Years experience in helping educational institutes, Corporate and Government body to improve their training and learning outcomes through technology.

SGM Solutions has wide range of IT Business Solutions offering Online / Offline Assessment, Application Process, Recruitment Assessment, School/Collages Assessment, Admission Management Solutions, Scholarship Management Solutions etc and all solutions developed by SGM to cater to various assessment needs. The solution has all the features to conduct all types of assessments across verticals and is flexible to customize to address any specific business process. We deliver our services with seamless redundancies and quality standards and we blend our innovative concepts to make our services advance, Adequate and Accessible.

For quite some time we have been asked by several institutes to develop software that is focused on coaching institute Operation Management. CCMS is developed after collecting requirements from several institutes in different fields. The product is very easy to use and considers that most operators are not technology savvy people or typical geeks. The software guarantees saving of money and time for owners apart from organizing the institute information. You can streamline the coaching institute business.

This software helps manage Student, Faculty, Courses, Batches, Fees, Attendance, and Marks. Provides easy reports like Center-Wise, Student-Wise, Courses-Wise, Batch-Wise, Faculty-Wise, Student outstanding fees, Marks, Attendance and so many others reports.

SGM-CCMS has designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized classes. SGM-CCMS specially designed software for effective administration of the institutes and related activities. This advanced software helps the administrative staff to carry out the day to day activities effectively and efficiently. We have captured all the essential features for any Institute Management, Coaching Center Management,Training Institute and Tuition Center Management.