User Authentication

One of the biggest challenges in any examination is in ensuring that it is the Right Candidate who is writing the examination. The candidate who gets admitted / recruited to the organization need not be the candidate who actually wrote the exam. Although this can be a very small percentage of admissions / recruits, the reputation of the organization is at stake if such instances surface in the press. Verification of identity of the test taker, has traditionally been done by checking the signature and the photo in the attendance sheet. These methods have loopholes that have been exploited for unfair gains. Moreover these checking methods are not auditable, objective or scientific.

SGM designed biometric candidate authentication to address this challenge that organizations are facing today. Apart from preventing impersonation, this scientific solution also acts as a quick attendance capture tool with time stamp.

SGM candidate authentication helps examination bodies in cleansing their examination from fraudulent practices like impersonation. SGM offers end to end candidate authentication service there by allowing the examination body to focus on their core functions.

Impersonation checks administered by SGM are scientific and auditable. The solution is administered in-classroom there by making the process convenient for all stakeholders. Some of the benefits of administering SGM Candidate Authentication Solution in examinations are:

  1. Ease of use, convenient to all stakeholders
  2. Authentication of candidate based on fingerprint making the process scientific
  3. Authenticate candidate against Photograph
  4. Instantaneous capture of attendance with time stamp
  5. Auditable processes for future reference
  6. Generate Quick Reports